Sensual Breast Massage Can Maximize Her Pleasure

Gifting your partner with a sensual breast massage is a great way to set the mood for intercourse and arouse your lover like never before!

In a way, breasts are kind of like fingerprints–each woman’s breasts are unique and how you arouse them will be unique to your partner. Some women’s breasts are very sensitive and what she’ll want is light touching with soft hands, a feather or a light scarf, say. Blowing on the breasts can also be very evocative. 

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Other women might want harder, firmer touching from the get-go, with more aggressive massage motions like circling, kneading or pinching, interspersed with tongue and mouth play.

Some women will want you to pay a lot of attention to the nipples, while others might be more aroused by touching around the nipples and above and below the breasts.

As you both indulge in a sensual breast massage, look for the cues of what’s working, what makes her comfortable and how you can escalate the sensations. As you begin, you might start with the less-is-more approach, gradually moving to more aggressive touching if your lover gives the signs that she wants that. Apply your listening and looking skills to find out how your partner is responding to your touch.

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When you develop your own blueprint for this erotic activity, don’t forget about setting the mood first. Sensuality often blooms through a combination of senses. Create an appealing aroma in the room with candles, flowers or incense/oils.

You can also get the double-whammy of smell and touch together by using your partner’s favorite scent in a massage oil on her breasts (if you warm it, remember to test it first so it’s not too hot for her to handle).

Not to mention the triple-whammy if you use an “edible” product so you can add taste into the mix; as you lick her breasts, feed her with your fingertips. To build aural sensations, revel in the sounds you’ll both be making as you touch her, and consider how mood music can contribute to your sensual breast massage technique.

To achieve maximum pleasure from a sensual breast massage, work to create an ambiance where time is forgotten as you lavish your attention on your lover’s breasts and appreciate the beauty of her body.

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