A Lubricant For Sex Can Bring Fun And Function To Your Sex Life

retail sex lubricants Lubricant for sex absolutely has a place in sexual play, whether you’re using it for fun or to help you facilitate better sex. The main reasons for bringing a lubricant for sex into your romantic arsenal are:

- adding fun and flavour to oral sex and body tasting experiences;

- compensating for physiological problems like vaginal dryness;

- providing ample lubricant to prevent chafing during prolonged lovemaking; and

- facilitating play with sex toys.

Not so long ago, KY Jelly and Vaseline were the only retail sex lubricants in town. Now, the marketplace is bulging with several types of products you can try–all adapted to help you meet your specific sexual needs.

There are four main types of a lubricant for sex on the market. Read on to find out which type of product can put you on the path to better sex.

Petroleum-based Lubricants

The main thing to know about petroleum- or oil-based lubes is DON’T use them with rubber or latex products like condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms and some sex toys. Any oil-based product like baby oil, petroleum jelly or shortening can damage such devices and open the door to HIV transmission. As well, oil-based products are not generally recommended for vaginal use because they can linger inside a woman for days, possibly promoting yeast or bacterial growth.

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Oil-based products are great for masturbation and external massage. You can get one favorite household lubricant for sex- coconut oil – at the grocery store, so it’s convenient and inexpensive to buy.

Water-based Lubricants

Water-based lubes can offer everything you’re looking for in a lubricant for sex. They don’t destroy rubber or latex, they’re usually taste-free, they don’t irritate skin, can be used internally and they’re easy to clean up. And if taste-free doesn’t appeal, check out the huge, sensual array of flavoured lubes and body paints.

Water-based lubes might not last long and can dry up fairly quickly when used on the body, so additional applications may be needed during your play. Or you can just add other moisture to reinvigorate water-based lubes.

Some pros suggest keeping a plant mister or water gun handy for that purpose . . . and just think how fun that might be! Some people also complain water-based products can get a bit “sticky” during intercourse. The least expensive and most readily available water-based lube is saliva. It can also reactivate your water-based lube.

Silicone-based Lubricants

It’s okay to use silicon lubricants with latex and rubber, but be aware they can potentially damage silicone sex toys. These lubricants can be pricey, but a little goes a long way so they can be cost-effective.

Household Sex Lubricants

If you like the natural way of living, these products may be for you. They’re usually made of substances you can safely ingest, like nut oils, olive oil or even salad oil. They’re not recommended for use with latex and rubber, but they’re great for massage, can taste good- especially custom blends – and are generally considered safe for vaginal use.

Here are a few other factors that can guide you to the right retail sex lubricant. Think about the texture you want your lube to provide. Some are thicker, some are thinner. Anne Semans, a well-known sex toy author and shop owner notes that for anal lubes, you’ll want a thicker product.

Odor and taste can also influence your choice. Flavoured oils can be fun for oral sex, but some non-flavored products may have a taste and smell that doesn’t turn you on. Price may also influence your choice.

Final Word

One final word about a lubricant for sex: they can be fun and useful for both the young and the older. Vaginal dryness, a common reason for using lubes, can be a problem for as many as 60% of women over the age of 40 as estrogen levels begin to drop.

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But younger women can also experience this problem because of changing hormone levels, birth/breastfeeding, medication side effects or psychological issues like stress and anxiety.

Any woman who’s had a hysterectomy might also be challenged by dryness. While lubes can help with dryness, you might also investigate vaginal moisturizers.

The good news is, whatever your age or your reason for exploring a lubricant for sex there’s a product out there for you. Do your research, talk to your doctor if needs be and slip-slide your way to better sex!

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