Fun Foreplay - Are You Game For It?

Looking for some fun foreplay ideas? Whether you’re with a long-term partner or a brand new one, one way to bring some levity into your lovin’ is playing sexy board games. If you’re seeking to do something different in the way you approach your lovemaking to spice things up, you’ll find lots of interesting and provocative ideas. Or if you’re a little shy about how to proceed with your partner, games can provide a great icebreaker.

Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games

Sexy board games offer a way to take yourself outside yourself, so to speak, through role-play or by wearing a different personality hat than you’re used to wearing. They can encourage you to do things you’ve been curious to explore. They might spark a latent desire you didn’t even know you had.

For example, maybe you’ll be inspired to choose a game that involves bondage aspects that you haven’t openly pursued in the past. Maybe you’ll focus on a game that shows your partner how to please you.

If you’re fierce competitors, you might find that sexy board games bring a fiery spirit into your lovemaking or let you role-play with some dominance and submission concepts, since one of you will “win” and one of you will “lose.” But that’s okay because with sexy board games, you’ll both emerge victorious as you mutually enjoy the pleasures the games “require” you to perform. 

Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game

Keep in mind the spirit of innovation that fun foreplay options like games can bring to your sex life. They can help you build your mutual intimacy, bring new ideas to the table and open the door to trying things you’ve not considered before.

There are lots of board games out there that let you test out this sexy “gaming” concept to see if it works for you and your partner. For an additional adventure, you could work together to design your own game, focusing on whatever elements you’re both comfortable with and/or curious about.

Play on!

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