Vitamins For Sex - How Deficiencies Impact Your Body

Vitamins for sex can make a difference in your vitality and sexual happiness. If you're deficient, your body may be sending you signals and you may see that play out in the bedroom. Vitamins and minerals are an important part of healthy living. Many people prefer to take them via supplements in pill or liquid form; others try to get all their vitamins and minerals from foods. Your body needs minerals and vitamins for many reasons, like healthy skin and bones, healthy organ function, energy production, immune system support and sexual vitality. Though some claim specific vitamins and minerals can do amazing things, the truth is we know more about what will happen if you’re missing these essential substances, including vitamins for sex that will bolster that aspect of your life.

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Vitamins for sex, when you look at things logically, are naturally occurring substances that our bodies use to stay healthy and function well. They’re found in vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products. If your body lacks these substances, it can get sick and develop specific diseases associated with such deficiencies.

It’s not necessary for everyone to take supplemental vitamins and minerals. It’s better if your vitamins and minerals are obtained from the food you eat if you're looking for vitamins for sex. However, bad dietary habits are fairly universal, so many of us do require supplements. Discuss this with your doctor or dietician, though, before you start taking any.

Deficiencies associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals can include:

- Rickets - caused by vitamin D deficiency.

- Nerve damage - caused by vitamin E deficiency.

- Night blindness - caused by vitamin A deficiency.

- Spontaneous bleeding - caused by vitamin K deficiency.

- Megaloblastic anemia - caused by vitamin B12 deficiency.

- Pellagra (nutritional wasting disease) - caused by a niacin deficiency.

- Beriberi (nerve inflammation) - caused by a thiamin deficiency.

- Scurvy - caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Pregnant women (or women trying to get pregnant) are often encouraged to get their vitamins and minerals from supplements as well as food. Women trying to get pregnant are often asked to take folic acid to prevent birth defects. Pregnant women are often prescribed prenatal vitamins that contain calcium and iron so they get enough vitamins and minerals for themselves as well as their baby. This supports the healthy diet a pregnant woman should strive for.

Women at risk for osteoporosis are often prescribed calcium supplements to help their bones remain strong and healthy. As people age, their bones lose more calcium, so older people are frequently prescribed calcium supplements. Calcium supplements often contain Vitamin D as well.

Vegetarians are also often prescribed vitamins and minerals in supplements. Most vegetarians don’t ingest animal products, which results in deficiencies of vitamin D, calcium and B12.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to overdose on vitamins and minerals taken in supplemental form, the answer is yes. It’s nearly impossible, however, to overdose on vitamins and minerals that come into your body from foods.

To make sure your A’s, B’s and C’s of vitamins for sex are up to snuff, talk to your doctor or dietician prior to determining if a regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements is right for you.

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