Stress And Sex: How Symptoms Can Impact Your Sexual Life

Is there a link between stress and sex? Given the vast range of symptoms of stress a person can experience, it seems clear some can impact sexual health and wellness. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, symptoms of stress are involved in more than two-thirds of visits to family physicians. Understanding these symptoms not only helps you counter their ill effects, but also to take better care of your body and mind.

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Stress and sex are linked, though the symptoms of stress can be quite deceiving because many of them show up as symptoms of other problems. It’s common to see people complaining about normal things like headaches, fatigue or aches and pains. But these maladies can also be symptoms of stress and they will impact your sex life if you're frequently tired and in pain. Stress can even be a culprit if you've lost interest in sex. Ultimately, stress is a conglomeration of several factors and parameters which can impact your life in negative ways.

If you’re concerned about the link between stress and sex, here are some symptoms that you might like to be aware of:

· Extreme anger and irritability and losing composure as a direct result.

· Depression (in extreme cases) and apathy as a result.

· Continuous feelings of anxiety and fickle mindedness.

· Undue and irrational behavior and inconsistencies in thinking.

· Loss of appetite.

· Absence of concentration and forgetfulness.

· Loss of interest in sex and impotence in males or frigidity in females.

· Increase in bad habits like smoking, drinking and gambling.

· Excessive tiredness and weakness.

· Feeling drained out just after some time in the morning.

· Muscle aches and pains accompanied by seizures.

· Increased heartbeats and palpitations accompanied by excessive sweating and perspiration.

· Missed periods in women and problems in menopausal stages.

Obviously, these symptoms of stress not only affect your body, they can also numb and damage your mental composure, thus the links between stress and sex. And given the broad, duplicative nature of the symptoms listed above, you may not even know you’re being affected.

The solution? Recognize and understand the symptoms and determine if there's a link between stress and sex in your life. Once you do, you can even find your own solutions, unless your symptoms are severe enough to warrant a visit to our doctor to find lasting solutions. Though it’s difficult to recognize all the symptoms, it is definitely possible to identify some.

Each one of us reacts very differently, but there are some symptoms of stress that help us to identify them. One classic example is extreme irritability and uncontrolled shaking accompanied by bouts of nausea and vomiting. In older people, stress can trigger fresh bouts of asthma and breathlessness.

Symptoms of stress are hard to beat; once you develop them it’s hard to control and restrain them. The optimal solution is to recognize the symptoms and nip them in the bud. Because at the end of the day, preventing the symptoms is preferable to finding a cure once stress sets in, and stress and sex become inextricably linked in your life.

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