How Tantra Positions Can Create Deeper Intimacy With Your Partner

Tantra positions are all about expanding the interwoven connections between your spirit, your body and your mind-and using these connections to link more deeply with your partner. They offer emotional, intimate techniques to slow down your lovemaking, keep you face-to-face with your lover and create a more passionate, focused bond between you.

According to sexuality educator Sari Locker, Ph.D., “Tantra is a spiritual means of expression that is said to heighten and prolong the connection that exists between lovers.” (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition, 2005).tantra sex

Tantra involves touching, breathing techniques and entwining yourselves in certain ways. It requires relaxation, willingness and a desire to balance your sexual desires. It means staying in the moment of lovemaking without distractions like fantasies, clock-watching or being single-minded in the pursuit of orgasm.

Notes Locker, “Orgasm is not the most important part of Tantric sex. What is important is experiencing deep love and acceptance, and a feeling of whole-body connection.” A primary tenet of the hundreds of tantra positions is they ensure that you’re always able to maintain eye contact, which will help deepen your emotional bond.

For men, tantra positions are said to help develop greater control over ejaculation and can teach that orgasm is not the only positive outcome of intimacy with your partner.

For women, tantra might offer pathways to expand your potential for the type and duration of your orgasms, plus increase your sexual desire.

But in the universe of tantric sex, the greatest potential rests in capturing and sustaining an enhanced spiritual connection between you. And the whole body orgasms can be fulfilling, too!

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