For Men Using Sex Toys, Cock Rings Offer Fun And Function

Stainless Steel 2 Inch Cock Ring with Black Band

For men using sex toys, cock rings are a fun and functional step towards prolonging your erection and maximizing your and your partner’s pleasure.

They're one of those magical sex tools that can be used purely for pleasure, or offer a combination of pleasure and function.

For men using sex toys like cock rings, not only should your erection last longer, it will also be more firm. That makes cock rings a superior sexual enhancement tool for men who need a little help staying hard. That’s the function art.

But don’t forget how to use cock rings purely for pleasure: you can attach them to sex toys like vibrators and dildos to stimulate your partner’s clitoris and your penis. And they’re a great addition to your playtime (check out the version that locks and your partner gets to keep the key!) if you like to bring trust/submission play into your games.

Lovehoney BASICS Tickler Stimulating Cock Ring

Men using sex toys like cock rings will find them made of a variety of materials like leather, rubber, metal or fabric. Many have quick-release Velcro or snaps that make it easy to put one on and get it off.

You can slip into a cock ring before or after you get hard – whatever’s most comfortable - and you can leave it on or whip it off during orgasm, whichever maximizes your pleasure.

Cock rings also come in more “advanced” styles that offer O-rings, studs and other goodies to heighten your pleasure and that of your partner.

Just read your instructions because knowing how to use cock rings and how long you should wear one will make this tool work for you. As long as you’re comfortable and your penis isn’t cold or numb, all systems are go. If not, take the ring off. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If it is, something’s wrong.

Some men may fear a situation where you want to get the ring off but can’t. You can avoid this problem by using a ring with a quick-release option. But if you’re using a metal ring and get stuck, don’t panic.

Stop your arousal activities, relax and your erection should subside. If it doesn’t, use cold water or ice to shrink your penis down to a manageable size.

Knowing how to use cock rings can bring a whole new element of confidence and fun for men using sex toys. Whether you want to use one for fun or for function or both, check out the colourful, tactile array of products that are out there for you.

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