For A Male Vibrators Can Enhance Relationship Intimacy

A recent study shows that for a male vibrators have become a commonly accepted sex toy with many benefits, both for the man and his partner. Guys are finding out what women have long known - how to bring some “zing” into their sex lives! 

Clearly times have changed. Just over half a century ago, famed sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that vibrator use was rare for both men and women. A 1976 study from sex educator Shere Hite found that only a small number of men were engaged in using this type of sex toy.   

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Now, with vibrators easily available online, in sex toy stores and at major retailers, usage has soared. The March 2012 issue of Contemporary Sexuality (Vol. 46, Issue 3) reviewed several studies conducted by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Key findings include that almost 44% of heterosexual men surveyed brought vibrator play into their sexual lives at some point, while nearly one in two gay or bisexual men did the same. Married men, or men living with a partner, said they were more likely to use vibrators than single or non-dating men.

Availability has lead to popularity. For a male vibrators are now mainstream and are used for a variety of reasons to promote a more fulfilling sex life. For example, 66% of those surveyed said “fun” was a primary motivator. “Curiosity” also ranked highly with 47% of respondents.

Not surprising, the pursuit and ease of achieving orgasm was another important factor. While five percent of men surveyed turned to vibrators to make orgasm easier for themselves, their partner’s sexuality was even more important, with 40% saying a vibrator can make orgasm easier for her.

And here’s one more finding to ponder about male vibrators. While it’s encouraging that men today are more open to vibrator play, they may need a little nudge in this direction; 31% of the men surveyed said they involved vibrators in their sexual lives because their partner wanted to.  

But even no matter whose bright idea it is, both partners are likely to embrace this kind of “zing” because there are obviously multiple benefits to enhancing mutual sexual intimacy in this way.

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