Combine Fun With Sex Toys With ED Help

A penis pump offers you the opportunity to have fun with sex toys, while getting relief from erectile dysfunction issues that might be getting you down. If you’re having physiological difficulties getting an erection, all the fun toys in the world may not help. What you need are results-orientated products that help you get and sustain an erection. That’s what penis pumps do.

Doc Johnson So Pumped Penis Pump

Some guys use penis pumps just to pump up the volume, so to speak. But other men turn to them to help deal with ED issues. It's a known fact that some men – especially those that are getting up there in age – can have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, making fun with sex toys and even your lover a challenge.

One study found that 52% of men between 40 and 70 said they had minimal to severe erection problems. Another found that 64% of men with erection woes put off seeing a doctor for a year or more (both quoted in Sex: A Man’s Guide, Bechtel and Stains).

The reasons for ED issues can range from medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease to stress-related factors. Medication side effects, vascular issues and hormones can also be culprits. Often, embarrassment prevents a fellow from taking action to find a solution. Then he ends up caught in a vicious circle of not only not being able to achieve his own orgasms, he’s limited in what he can do for his partner if intercourse or fun with sex toys is on the agenda.

Don't wait until the problem becomes overwhelming. There’s an army professionals out there who can help– both physiological and psychological practitioners. Often, the two work in tandem because the physical problem leads to emotional issues, not to mention issues with your partner. We encourage you to talk your physician to find out what’s going on. The solution may be simpler than you think.

Depending on your situation, fun with sex toys such as a penis pump might work for you. To use this tool, you insert your penis into a cylinder that has a plastic tube connecting the apparatus to a small pump. Once you start pumping, the loss of air pressure in the cylinder creates an erection by bringing blood into the penis (which is how you get erect the old-fashioned way). Once you achieve an erection, you move a rubber band to the base of the penis to trap the blood, which allows you to maintain an erection for about 30 minutes (or until you remove the band).

Sure, it’s a little technological – but think about how fun it might be to use one of these male sex toys if your partner’s in on the action! Better still, you don’t need medications, surgery or injections to get results. You only buy it once so the cost is reasonable. And generally speaking, it works.

A study conducted by urologists at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston cited positive results for men using the device. Of 200+ men surveyed, 85% said they and their partners were satisfied and 90% said they were satisfied with the, “…hardness, length and circumference of the erections” (quoted in Sex: A Man’s Guide). Additionally 79% reported a significant increase in how often they had intercourse during the first year of using the device.

Penis pumps aren’t perfect. Some “side effects” can include bruising, a slightly cool erection and minor pain. Others say the erection isn’t 100% stable, but it’s usually enough to allow penetration.

If you’re having erection difficulties but want some fun with sex toys and your partner, a penis pump is cost-effective and may well help you. Talk to your partner, talk to you doctor and find out it a penis pump is right for you.

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