Wedding Night Lingerie Can Help You Sizzle In The Bedroom

wedding night lingerie

Your wedding night lingerie will complete a day of romantic planning, anticipation and enjoyment. You’ve expressed your love and commitment in front of family and friends, made merry and now it’s time to make love for the first time as husband and wife. How you feel is vital. What you wear is also important to set the tone and contribute to the ambiance of your encounter.

Wedding night lingerie allows a bride to express her sensuality, personality and her interpretation of what turns her partner on. Her choice can range from “nice” – traditional, white and lacy – to “naughty” – XXX, black and leather.
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A husband's wedding lingerie might include special boxers or robes, often in soft fabrics like silk. Given that the wedding night usually extends into a honeymoon, your choice of wedding lingerie can cover a full range of garments for different moods of lovemaking. (And if you’re like most brides, you’ll have a ton of choices from your shower gifts!)

Modern wedding nights bear little resemblance to the days of yore. A century ago, more than 80% of women entered marriage as virgins; today’s researchers believe that number is about one in five at most, and 15% for males. Given the number of couples who live together first, and those entering into second or third marriages, loss of virginity is not usually a primary factor in wedding night sex. Most often, wedding night lovemaking will celebrate your new status as husband and wife.

Wedding night lingerie is one element that can help you create a memorable night. Other sensual drivers might include music that suits your mood, sexy, scented candles, bubble bath, massage oils or sex toys.

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How else to create a memorable night? Plan! Now we’re not recommending a checklist or anything like that, but think about how many hours go into planning your wedding. Why not take time to prep for your first marital sexual experience, too?

A little communication goes a long way in ensuring you both wake up on day two satisfied with your lovemaking and the memories you’ve made. Before your wedding, talk about expectations for wedding night sex. Understanding what you both want can help you actualize your vision.

You may even decide to pass on wedding night lovemaking. In this day and age, not all couples go for it on the first night. After a hectic day of events and socializing, the time may not be right. Let’s face it, if you’re tired, drunk or just plain exhausted, wedding night sex won’t measure up to your expectations or your partner’s.

One survey of almost 3,900 newly married couples showed that more than half of grooms over 40 prefer to spend the night doing non-sexual activities. Another social trend researcher found that one-third of couples of any age spent the night opening gifts, sleeping, counting cash presents and/or partying with friends.

So maybe your wedding night lingerie won’t come out of the suitcase the first night, but that’s okay.

Whatever you decide, do what works for you. A little planning, communication and tools like wedding night lingerie will help ensure you look back on your first marital experience with the satisfied glow you got from it!

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