Men Wearing Lingerie? Add Some New Sensations To Your Sex Life

mens lingerie Men wearing lingerie is becoming more and more common. And it's an experience that can bring some sizzle to your sex life.

Everyone knows that ladies’ sexy garments add a taste of anticipation and sensuality to intimate moments. But more and more couples are finding that they can achieve erotic and pleasurable results when men wear the gear.

It’s all out there for the guys–thongs, breakaway clothes for those who like stripping for their partner. For the more adventurous and uninhibited, traditional “female” lingerie like bras and corsets are available.

Men's lingerie is becoming more and more mainstream. By using it as an erotic tool, couples are discovering new ways to anticipate their sexual play and passionately respond.

Think about it. You’re a guy and you’re out for the evening with your lady. Maybe for business, maybe for pleasure. No one in the room but her knows your secret-under that crisp, staid suit or your rumpled khakis you’re wearing a fun, sexy thong. Or maybe she doesn't know and you're going to surprise her. Part of the appeal is visual; part is sensation; much of it is anticipation.

The allure is knowing what’s to come (no pun intended!) later. This allure fires up your mutual sexual synapses and builds interest. Your partner wants to know how you will look and feel when your intimate encounter begins.

Interest stokes desire as the two of you spend many minutes thinking about the lingerie-because you can’t help thinking about it-and anticipate how your scene will unfold later when you can finally rip each other’s clothes off and see for yourself.

Another element is enhancing the sensations a man feels before the clothes come off as he reacts to the sensation of fabric against of his body–buttocks, for example, when he’s wearing a thong, or silk boxers instead of boring old y-fronts–that are unusual and erotic. Men wearing lingerie can also play a big role in sexual role play for couples that enjoy such games.

So try it and see if you like it. Men wearing lingerie can lead to unparalled passion when it’s time to undress. And if you’re already in the men’s lingerie club, dare to explore more!

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