For Disabled People Using Sex Toys, Passion and Satisfaction Can Be Your Rewards

While sex toys can add passion and pleasure to anyone’s sexual pursuits, disabled people using sex toys can augment the level of intimacy in their lives, especially if intercourse or oral sex positions aren't possible.

Notes in its article, Rediscovering Sex After Disability, “Some special techniques and devices . . . would help in cases when a particular kind of disability places a limit on the variety of sexual contacts and experiences. For example, in the case of a mobility-impaired person partnering with an able-bodied partner the able-bodied person can maneuver the impaired person's body into different positions, stimulating erogenous zones as desired. With the help of some toys . . . this experience can be absolutely as satisfying as the one between two able-bodied persons.”

RodeoH Generation Strap On Harness Underpants

Depending on the type of situation you’re dealing with, disabled people using sex toys might find these options helpful:

Massagers/vibrators – For generalized body or genital stimulation to augment hand and mouth caresses.

Dildos – For vaginal access when penile penetration is a no-go.

Harnesses – For facilitating certain positions more easily to generate maximum closeness or for holding a dildo in place.

Obviously, being disabled does not mean sexuality shuts down. Remember the old saying that much of sex is mental, not physical? Many disabled people will have the same fantasies and desires as an able-bodied person and will want to act on their feelings. But not everyone gets the chance to do so, notes,, “. . . More than 50% of disabled people do not have a regular sexual life; many do not have a partner and think this is the way their life is supposed to be.” But if you don’t have a partner, some of these toys can help you with masturbation if your mobility allows.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness Kit with UR3 6 Inch Vibrating Dildo

If you do have a lover, verbal communication, exploration and the fun of finding out what works and what doesn’t are all part of your experience. Disabled people using sex toys can enjoy all the passion and satisfaction a sexual relationship can bring.

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