Amputee Sex Tips For Broadening Your Sexual Identity

If you’re adjusting to amputee sex you may be faced with both physical and psychological challenges. How you approach these issues can make the difference between finding a revamped sexual identity or losing this part of yourself to your disability.

When facing a life challenge like an amputation, there’s no question you’ll have a lot to deal with both physically and emotionally. And while it won’t be at the forefront of the advice you’ll be receiving, one key factor is how the amputation affects your sex life. As noted in The Journal of Sex Research (Williamson and Andrews, Vol. 33, No. 3, 1996), “Regardless of disability or physical trauma that may limit former sexual behavior, sexuality remains a critical component of identity.” Here are a few ideas on reshaping this aspect of your identity as you explore amputee sex.

On the physical side of things, a lower limb amputation can create challenges in terms of balance and support, two factors to keep in mind during your sexual moments. Your safety and comfort, and that of your partner, will have to be addressed by looking at how and where you have intercourse. That’s the more practical side. But there’s another side, too–that of the opportunities you’ll have to explore. It might be as simple as using cushions or pillows that can promote your level of comfort for different positions. Or maybe you’ll look into incorporating more oral sex or sex toy play into your repertoire to keep your sexual life fun and satisfying.

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Let’s say you previously enjoyed positions that involved standing or kneeling, but these are no longer viable. A little research will lead you to products on the market designed to facilitate amputee sex, like specialized swings or chairs. Keep in mind that these products must protect you from pressure sores or other chafing that can cause discomfort. You’ll also need to be sure they’ll provide the kind of stability and support you need to ensure your safety and prevent falls. But if you’re willing to explore, there are options out there for you.

On the mental health side of things, you may find yourself dealing with various issues including body image, depression, anxiety, and self-confidence. Here, the love and support of your partner will be vital. But if these issues begin to overwhelm you as you explore the new realities of your sexual life, finding a therapist who can help you manage your feelings may be the best approach to getting you to a place where you’re comfortable with the new realities of your sexuality.

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